Virtual Hosting using ACS Subsites

AOLServer 4.0 supports virtual hosts. The information below relates to OpenACS subsites

If your company needs to host several sites which use the same TCL libraries, then OpenACS's Subsites and the Host-Node Map is your solution. Orchard Labs hosts several subsites which share the same TCL code and the same database. Currently, we host subdomains of but you can map any arbitrary domain name using the host node map functionality.

  1. cd /web/openacs-4/www
  2. mkdir my_new_subsite
  3. go to the Main Site Administration Page -
  4. Add a new sub-folder to the Main Site called my_new_subsite
  5. Click on the new application link for that newly created URL
  6. Mount the ACS Subsite package and give it a name (for instance - My New Subsite)
  7. Go to the Host-Node Map -
  8. Type in your new hostname. For instance: hostname:
  9. Click on the my_new_subsite radio button then click add

That's it! You can go back to the site map and change your parameters for the subsite (ie choose a new default master template, etc.)

If you need to have separate TCL libraries then read Jerry Asher's Virtual Hosting in AOLServer Article.

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