Installing daemontools

  1. cd /usr/ports/sysutils/daemontool
  2. make install

Configuring daemontools to run and monitor AOLServer

  1. Download the openacs-4.tcl file from:
  2. Copy openacs-4.tcl.txt to /usr/local/aolserver/openacs-4.tcl and edit the file to fit your system config
  3. chown -R nsadmin:nsadmin /usr/local/aolserver
  4. mkdir /service
  5. su - nsadmin
  6. cd /usr/local/aolserver/servers/openacs-4/
  7. Downlaod run-aolserver.txt copy it to /usr/local/aolserver/servers/openacs-4/run.
    (note that AOLServer 4.0 requires the -b option to be set at the command line)
  8. chmod 700 /usr/local/aolserver/servers/openacs-4/run
  9. exit
  10. ln -s /usr/local/aolserver/servers/openacs-4 /service/openacs-4
  11. Download and copy it to /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
  12. chmod 700 /usr/local/etc/rc.d/

After we reboot, svscan will automatically load up and monitor the /service directory. However, before we reboot, we need to populate the /web/openacs-4 directory. We'll grab the latest code from the CVS repository.

  1. su -
  2. mkdir -p /usr/web
  3. ln -s /usr/local/web /web
  4. cd /web
  5. wget
  6. tar xzvf openacs-4.6.3.tgz
  7. mv openacs-4.6.3 openacs-4
  8. chown -R nsadmin:nsadmin /web/openacs-4

Now we are ready to reboot. With luck, svscan, AOLServer and PostgreSQL will all load up.

The normal restart-aolserver script provided by aD will no longer work.

  1. su - nsadmin
  2. You should download the new restart-aolsever script from I put this file in /home/nsadmin/scripts and added that directory to my path.
  3. exit
  4. chown -R nsadmin:nsadmin /usr/local/aolserver/servers/openacs-4/supervise
  5. su - nsadmin
  6. restart-aolsever openacs-4
  7. AOLServer should restart
  8. exit

Continue on with the qmail installation

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