Client: is a car enthusiast website which focuses on Honda vehicles and the Honda racing program. serves over 2 million pages a month and has 6500 registered users. Both numbers are growing daily. Orchard Labs, Inc. customized the Orchard Labs Community System (OLCS) code to meet's specifications. We worked with a graphics artist on their team to integrate his conceptual layout and graphics with the OLCS code.

Orchard Labs, Inc. manages the website from the operating system to application level. We did the initial installation of the software, create custom code for their website when requested, and continually assess and improve performance.

Contact Orchard Labs, Inc. for more information on how we can help you develop your community website. Statistics:
Orchard Labs Service Custom Contract
Registered Users 6,500
Pages Served per Month (as of July 31, 2002) 2.2 Million
Operating System FreeBSD
Web Server AOLServer 3.4
Database PostgreSQL 7.1.3
Toolkit Orchard Labs Community System
(based on OpenACS 4.5)
Architecture Split database and web server
dual CPU machines
IC Design: view list
2002-08-07: Orchard Labs, Inc. introduces Internet Consulting and IC Consulting services.

2002-08-07: Read the OpenACS 4.5 FreeBSD Installation Guide.

2002-08-07: Read about the Orchard Labs Community System (OLCS).

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