Standard Support Contract
Orchard Labs, Inc will maintain and upgrade the following software as necessary during the term of the Standard Support Contract:
  • AOLServer
  • PostgreSQL
  • OpenACS
  • The Orchard Labs Community System
  • Email accounts
The Standard Support Contract does not include any code customization nor does it include any performance modifications. However, upgrades for bug fixes and version upgrades are included in this service.
Custom Support Contract
With the Custom Support Contract, Orchard Labs, Inc. will provide all of the services in the Standard Support Contract plus any other service from the OS to the application level such as:
  • Custom packages tailored to your business requirements
  • Layout integration. We transform your graphic artist's conceptual layout and graphics into HTML templates which we integrate into the toolkits.
  • Managed Hosting
  • Performance monitoring for the OS and applications
Orchard Labs, Inc. provides high quality service at an affordable rate. Please contact us for more information.
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2002-08-07: Orchard Labs, Inc. introduces Internet Consulting and IC Consulting services.

2002-08-07: Read the OpenACS 4.5 FreeBSD Installation Guide.

2002-08-07: Read about the Orchard Labs Community System (OLCS).

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