Quick Start Service
Orchard Labs will install AOLServer, PostgreSQL, OpenACS, and the Orchard Labs Community System on your server. If you do not have a server, we can help you find an affordable co-location service or a shared hosting solution. As part of the Quick Start Service, we can install an email system and create email accounts if you do not already have an email system on your server. We will also setup backup scripts for the database and the web files. The Quick Start Service also includes a 2 month standard support contract to ensure that your website will run smoothly as you become familiar with the toolkits.

The Quick Start Service does not include code customization (HTML, TCL or SQL) nor does it include any performance modifications beyond the standard OLCS toolkit.

Please contact us for more information.
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2002-08-07: Orchard Labs, Inc. introduces Internet Consulting and IC Consulting services.

2002-08-07: Read the OpenACS 4.5 FreeBSD Installation Guide.

2002-08-07: Read about the Orchard Labs Community System (OLCS).

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