Internet Consulting
Orchard Labs, Inc. specializes in developing OpenACS based community websites. We offer several services which we can tailor to meet your company's needs. We provide high quality service with quick turn around time at a resonable cost. Our technology uses OpenACS, AOLServer, and PostgreSQL.
Orchard Labs Community System Support
Orchard Labs, Inc. develops and maintains the Orchard Labs Community System, an open source GPL package which utilizes OpenACS 4.x, PostgreSQL 7.x and AOLServer 3.x. The code is provided as is and can be downloaded from Sourceforge, however, we provide yearly support plans which includes software installation and maintenance (upgrades) of the AOLServer, PostgreSQL, OpenACS 4.x and the Orchard Labs Community System. Co-location and OS support can be purchased separately.
Quick Start Service and 2 months support$250
1 Month Standard Support Contract$50
Quarterly Standard Support Contract$120
Custom Support ContractContact Us
Site Development and Support
If your company has a specific need not covered by the OpenACS 4.x or the Orchard Labs Community System code, we can develop custom solutions that will fulfill your business requirements. Please contact us for more information.
Managed Servers and System Administration
For companies which do not retain a technical staff in-house, Orchard Labs, Inc. can handle the day to day maintenance of your servers and your website. We will manage your server from the OS (operating system) to the application level so that you can concentrate on meeting your business objectives. If you do not have your own internet connection, we can help you find affordable co-location or a shared hosting solution. Please contact us for more information.
Current Clients
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2002-08-07: Orchard Labs, Inc. introduces Internet Consulting and IC Consulting services.

2002-08-07: Read the OpenACS 4.5 FreeBSD Installation Guide.

2002-08-07: Read about the Orchard Labs Community System (OLCS).

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