IC Consulting
Orchard Labs' IC Design consulting team has extensive experience in management of IC designs. Orchard Labs provides highly customized Semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP) cores to a wide range of electronics companies. We focus on high-speed digital and mixed analog-digital IC designs in multiple silicon foundries with feature sizes down to 0.13-micron CMOS processes.

IP Cores and Custom Cells Design Services

Orchard Labs has proven experience in all phases of IC design, from product definition to tape out of the final IP core layout. It is our goal to assist our customers in designing high performance products, reducing their product costs and product development time. We deliver foundry specific, full-custom IP cores or custom cells to our customers by going through the following steps:
  • IP core or custom cell specifications defined by customer & approved by Orchard Labs
  • Circuit design according to specifications
  • Full Spice simulations & performance verification
  • Full custom layout, databases verification (DRC, ERC & LVS) & GDSII files
  • Block logic & timing models in Verilog

Our experienced IC design engineers will take care of all IC implementation details, while our customers can concentrate their resources on developing their products. We develop IP cores to be compatible with the silicon foundry process chosen by our customers. Depending on our customer requirements, IP cores could be tailored for integration in Standard Cell, Full Custom or Gate Array chips. Whether your requirements are fully specified or just in the conceptual phase, we can deliver your IC block design when you need it. Other design services include:
  • Test chip design & process technology characterization
  • Library design and characterization
  • Custom circuit design


The IP cores are normally developed in CMOS technologies with feature sizes down to 0.13-micron. If requested, Orchard Labs can also develop IP cores in Bipolar, BiCMOS and BiNMOS IC technologies.

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